How to Remove Bee in the Backyard

Having bees swarming in your backyard isn’t anyones idea of a good time.Occasionally,Guest Posting bee hives are disrupted for one reason or another and a large gathering will leave the hive to find a new place to ‘set-up shop.’ When this happens, it could be that your backyard is suddenly prime real estate. Tiny, little, black and yellow striped tenants begin to move in, until all of them – sometimes hundreds – are buzzing around a particular tree branch, stair railing, or other backyard destination.

This can be a very scary reality especially if you have small children playing in the backyard or have people that are allergic to bees in your family. Therefore getting rid of bees in your backyard is a skill that people should Wasp nest removal know about so they can be sure to help protect their family. However before you actually proceed to kill bees in the backyard you must understand exactly what type of bees or possibly a wasp you are dealing with in order to perform the most effective bee removal in your backyard.

The first step to removing bees from your backyard is to first locate the actual bees hive. It is possible that you may be dealing with paper wasps. If you are unsure of whether you are dealing with bees or wasps please check out our wasp identification guide. This will hopefully clear up any confusion as paper wasps in particular look very similar to bees. If you are dealing with paper wasps you should look up our paper wasp nest removal page. After either locating the bee hive or wasp nest you should go out and buy yourself some pesticides or if you can find some spray specially created to kill bees or wasps. After locating the bees in your backyard you should armor yourself up. I would suggest putting on multiple layers of clothes and be sure to cover every inch of your skin. Even if a little is open the bee can climb in and sting you, possibly multiple times. However, if you are allergic to bees I would leave removing bees from your backyard to the professionals as you don’t want to risk having an allergic reaction if you happen to get stung.

The bees nature can help in your cause of getting rid of bees in backyard. Bees will generally all return to their hive during the night. They are like humans they want to dunker down during the night therefore most of the bees will be there when the sun falls. In order to use this to your advantage you will attack the bees nest during this time period. This will ensure you do the most damage without having to put yourself at risk more than you have too. Now that your all set with your planning all you have to do is approach the hive and spray it with the insecticide. After the first spray you should leave and then come back one hour later to spray the bees in your backyard again with the insecticide.