Las Vegas Wedding Planning Tips

Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect Las Vegas wedding:

Determine your budget.  This will help you decide where to spend your money.  Then put an bliss chapel estimated amount from that budget into each of the major categories above.  Then start breaking it down for each category such as: Chapel Service: $1,500:  Minister: $100,  Chapel Rental: $800,  Video Recording: $600, etc.  You will most likely find out that some categories actually are subsets of other categories (like Video Recording part of Chapel Service assuming that is the only part of the wedding day that will be recorded).

Prioritize your list so that you can work within your budget. Give each item on your list a ranking.   Use M for “Must Have”, N for “Nice to Have,”  and D for “Don’t Really Need.” I worked with a bride who really wanted all of her friends at home to see her wedding in Las Vegas it was occurring. She found a chapel that offered a live broadcast as part of one of their packages.

Start researching your “Must Haves” within the Las Vegas area.  You can start by searching on wedding websites and blogs. The is a great resource, complete with message boards where you can ask questions are read about other brides’ Vegas wedding experiences.   After going to the home page, click on “Talk” and select the Las Vegas, Nevada local message board.

Make sure that you have a marriage license to ensure that your Las Vegas wedding legal.  TheClark County Clerkwebsite has all of the information you need to obtain a license.  To start the license application process for Las Vegas, please Click here.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous wedding!