Top 10 Celebrity And Their Driveways

Ms. Smith’s driveway reflects the star’s tastes and elegance. From the elegant scroll work on the metal gates to the ivy covered gate posts,Guest Posting the viewer could be standing outside the gates of a lovely English mansion. The posts are topped with ornate urns and each post includes candle lanterns to highlight the entrance.

Sharon Tate. Something eerie creeps into your bones as you stand outside the gate of the former Sharon Tate’s home and place of the Manson Murders. The scroll gate is classic in design but the surrounding paver walls are void of additional decoration or warmth reminding you of the horrors that occurred on the property so many years ago.

Shirley Jones. The driveway at Shirley Jones’ house is as understated as can be. Not only the house, but the driveway and front decorations of the property could be plucked out of any middle class suburban neighborhood. No metal gates or pillars here. One cannot help but think of the no nonsense approach to life by the iconic Partridge family mother when you view this driveway.

James Caan. Mr. Cann’s driveway brings the no gate, void of entrance barriers to a higher level. Just as Shirley Jones’ entrance is missing the protective gates and intercoms, Mr. Caan’s driveway mirrors this concept. However, the grand Tudor design of the home brings the eye away from the driveway pavers and to the lovely architecture to the building. The minimalist approach on the driveway actually accentuates the home’s entrance.

Burt Reynolds. The former Jupiter Brick Pavers Beverly Hill’s home of Burt Reynolds includes a driveway built to give any fortress a run for its money. The solid metal gates and abundance of hedging provides complete privacy for the home’s occupants. No views of the main house here.

Ozzy Osbourne’s MTV House. The Osbourne’s MTV house contains an entrance that looks like the entrance to a secret garden. Antique wooden gates stand above cascading pavers and is surrounded with lush perennials in constant bloom. Visions of medieval fortresses come to mind when looking at this entrance along with the magical beings fabled to live in such places.

Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion. The driveway to the Playboy Mansion displays understated style without giving away the opulence found inside. The wide entrance is gated and flanked with large bushes preventing views into the property. From this perspective, a visitor would believe they are entering just another high end property instead of the iconic destination of the rich and famous.